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"Stephanie was instrumental in helping me get my kitchen and bathroom toiletries in shape for stress free morning routines and meal preparation. She also shared key tips and tools for tackling other areas of clutter. I now have a home office that I love spending time in, a space that energizes me for accomplishing my goals and provides a place to relax and think. As an added bonus, I no longer struggle with getting up early, a challenge which I've tried to overcome for many years now as I am not a morning person!"  Tara R.

I no longer struggle with getting up early

Edmonton, AB

"Stephanie was a joy to have in my home. I had her organize my pantry, Tupperware cupboard, bathroom vanity and linen closet. As a busy mom and dayhome provider this has been a lifesaver and has saved so much time, money (I can now see everything and am not buying things I already have "somewhere") and stress. Not only did she do a fantastic job but the way she organized has been easy to keep up with even with my busy lifestyle. I highly recommend her if you are looking to make your life easier by having your space organized. I know as soon as I have my basement finished I will be having her back in to organize my craft room/office."  Carmen V.

Lifesaver for a dayhome provider

Edmonton, AB

"Stephanie, Thank you so much for your help this past Saturday. It is such a great feeling to have my den/storage room organized again. With two young children this space just got out of control... it is sparkling cleaning and a high functioning room once more. Money well spent!"  Sheila S.

Money well spent

Edmonton, AB

"Stephanie is amazing. She is kind, knowledgeable and cares about our community. We started with my garage and then to the storage room. Now we are going room to room organizing. She takes everything I no longer want or need and gives a home to things that have value and disposes of things that don't in a responsible way.
I not longer feel paralyzed by my clutter and enjoy moving about my home and seeing order!!!"  Carol B

Cares about our community

Edmonton, AB

"I have not had a chance to thank you again for all your help!  It was insane, my house!  So thankful to have hired you to go through all this with me!  Thank you!!!" Monica S

Couldn't have done it without you...

Spruce Grove, AB

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