Assessment and Initial Consult

Not sure where to start or if hiring a Professional Organizer is right for you?

A no-obligation (and yes, I really mean that) initial consult may be what you need to gain some clarity.

Often clients find energy and ideas during these consults that get them started, which is often what you need.

A travel fee of $25 will be charged for assessments exceeding 25 kilometers from St. Albert.


Professional Organizing Hands-On Service

A purge is very therapeutic and good for your mental health

A system can boost productivity

A clean space smells and feels healthier

A space that is free of clutter is easy to keep clean.

All of this - for any area of your home, office, garage

Hourly Rate

Minimum 3 hours billed (first-time clients)

Billed in 15 minutes intervals thereafter



If you are tackling a larger project or whole home, savings can be realized by purchasing a package.

Payable at the commencement of the project.

10 Hours = $550 (savings of $50)

20 Hours = $1080 (savings of $120)

Hours in addition to the packages are billed at our hourly rate.

Virtual and Zoom Organizing

Virtual organizing, accountability coach, and face-to-face meetings that discuss your issues tackle your clutter, and all you to DIY the space

This is a cost-effective method as it is 1-hour billable via PayPal or e-transfer, each subsequent call is 30-minutes.


Follow-Up Virtual Organizing (Phone or Zoom)

Billed in 30-minute increments, this service is compliment and to follow up on the initial Virtual and Zoom Organizing call.

Paid via PayPal or E-transfer.


Public Speaking

Do you want to bring the message of purging, organizing and clearing clutter to your group, sales team or members? 

A 90-minute talk, along with a follow-up meet-and-greet or Q&A session may just be the message someone is looking for.  

Total time totals 3 hours.


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A unique experience with the

Professional Organizer for every client.

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