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My name is Stephanie Cordova and I’m Edmonton’s (and area) Professional Organizer.

Many people ask me just what do I organize.

Your home, your pantry, your papers...just about anything IN your home that drives you crazy.


I'm so excited to be entering my 14th year of organizing, although I have been organizing all my life.  I come from an organized home with a clean, resourceful, organized Mother.  I think even my DNA looks more organized than normal.  Is this possible?   


I haven’t always had my own business.  I had the traditional 8-4 job, and jumped from job to job, unsatisfied.  Most of my jobs required a high level of detail and organizing, however.  Some of my greatest career accomplishments, pre-entrepreneurial, were creating great filing systems for organizations or improving workflow processes.

So I started dabbling in organizing as a business owner, part-time.


Then, I became a Mom.  This has forced me to let go of some of the control tendencies but also gave me lots of opportunities to become more resourceful and how to organize a home with children in it, while balancing fun and young-at-heart activities.


I started many small ventures while my kids were really young, trying to fill the void by using some of my non-mom skills, to keep socially and mentally active and teach my children that “stay-at-home-moms” can also be successful business owners, but organizing was always there and pulling me strongly to give it more attention.


Focusing on and growing my business of being a Professional Organizer was a no-brainer.  I love meeting and talking to people, I love helping people, and I love being at home when my children need me; the perks of having flexible working hours.  The satisfaction I get when a client says, "I've been looking for that" or a big sigh of relief, makes everything worth it!


Why me?


If you are looking for someone who is objective and practical in their organizing, someone you can share a laugh with, someone who can be tough as nails if you need me to be or hug you when you need one, empathic and sympathetic, then you’ve found her!  I ask you the hard questions you didn't know you needed to answer.


I also do 99% of the work myself.  I know my way around power tools and measuring tapes.  Sometimes I need a few extra hands.


I suggest you interview more than one Professional Organizer to see whom you can work with, who you "gel" with and who shares your vision for your home.


Let's see how we can get your home and life to a better state of serene and peace!!



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